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Serious: Who would receive Golden Boot and Golden ball today at FIFA ceremony?

The Golden Boot will win Klose

The Golden Ball will win Zidane

Serious: Who would receive Golden Boot and Golden ball today at FIFA ceremony?

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Reply:golden boot: klose (or henry)

golden ball : zizouuu
Reply:The Golden Shoe (also known as the Golden Boot, since 1982 commercially termed "adidas Golden Shoe") was first awarded in 1930 for top goal scorer;

Klose is leading, but I hope Henry wins it.

The Golden Ball (currently commercially termed "adidas Golden Ball") for best player (first awarded in 1982);

Ronaldinho, Brazil

The Yashin Award for best goalkeeper (first awarded in 1994);

Ricardo, Portugal

The FIFA Fair Play Award for the team with the best record of fair play (first awarded in 1978);

Portugal (just kidding) ummm....Ghana

The Most Entertaining Team award for the team that has entertained the public the most, during the World Cup final tournament, as determined by a poll of the general public, first awarded in 1994;


The Best Young Player

Tevez, Argentina
Reply:Klose and Zidane


Cool world cup site:
Reply:Golden Shoe- Miroslav Klose

Golden Ball- Fabio Cannavarro
Reply:Klose for golden boot

Zidane for golden ball
Reply:Golden boot: Klose

Golden Ball: ??
Reply:Who cares?
Reply:If ZIDANE don't get it nobody else deseve it.

either cannavaro or depends who wins i think. cannavaro has been absolutely fantastic, especially without nesta and zidane and his "magic" is all people talk about so i think itll go to whoever leads their team to victory today.
Reply:According to the Fifa word cup awars regulation see .. there is a Golden Shoe( Best scorer) and to teh best players there is a Golden ball, silver ball and Bronze ball.

Golden shoe Klose

Gondel Ball Zinedine Zidane

Silver Ball Pirlo

Bronze Ball I am not sure yet
Reply:The Golden Boot will win Klose

golden ball Henry
Reply:Golden Boot : Klose

Golden Ball : Zidane or Ballack(maybe)
Reply:Golden Shoe (as its called in the world cup) goes to Klose

never heard of the golden ball award.
Reply:it is obvious that klose will win the Gloden boot, only if Henrry scores 3 goals today he will get it! lol

the Golden ball should go to Zaidan cuz i think he is the Third Football legend in the world after Pele and Maradona. this guy plays football and the ball wears a coat as he is very cool when he plays it.
Reply:Klose and Cannavaro.
Reply:Klose off course, it is impossible for Henry to score 3 goals against Italy's defense but France will beat them anyway, it is important to win for him no to score so Henry will not try to get that prize.

The incredible and unique player of all the time after brazilian coffee and argentinian handy, he is a french magician who puts everything in its place and lifts up the spirit of team.

At the end of the day you will accept that he is the only one who can do it.

Shark Teeth

Do you also think that Cannavaro deserved to win the Golden Ball more than Zidane?


Do you also think that Cannavaro deserved to win the Golden Ball more than Zidane?
No not at all. I can say no one except zidane (%26amp; may be klose) did't deserve it.

Even though Zidane is a universally thought of, and is still considered, the best player all round he failed to show it throughout this tournament. He was not around in the first few rounds and was only available to light up and wake up the French team during the Brazil game onwards.His head butting only making matters worse, I have to admit my heart sank when I saw what he did. Perhaps the incident only prove that he is human afterall

But Cannavaro..he was there throughout, he, along with Buffon cleared and denied many would-be beautiful goals (including that of Zidane's last attempt before he was sent off) and he was also never deterred in protect the goal from big names like Klose and Nedved. For consistency, coolness and all round sportsmanship (he rarely - if not, never - made a foul and if he ever did accidentally touched or hurt someone he made it a point to go over and made sure the guy is okay), Cannavaro should have won.

FIFA should have created a special award for Zidane if they so wish to honour one of football's amazingly gifted player.
Reply:yesssssssssssssssssss...................... Cannavaro!!!

everyone underestimated him before, but he has shown his portion!

he's one of the best defenders in the world at the moment. It is his era. Zidane has made a fatal mistake, and it makes him unqualified although he has excellent skill. A good player must not only have great skill, but also great temper and sportmanship. World cup 2006 without cannavaro is like a party without the fun.
Reply:I think both are equal in terms of their hard work for their teams. But Zidane edges a little to take the golden ball to complement his notorious golden head-butt.
Reply:YES. Without a doubt he was the scrappiest player and the leader of the best defense in the WORLD.

Zidane waste every chance head-butting Materazzi.

If two players only would have played this WC and the second was my aunt Amelia, she would win easily.

I'm disappointed with fans words. I'm Italian and Juventus fan, and have spent my usual words to Zidane in this Y-answer. I called him every time as a GREAT player, and I perfectly remember Hamburger SV - Juventus 3-1, Champions League, 24 October 2000 (headbutt and red card...). To me he remains the same GREAT player I know. Losing his head in few match isn't such a shame to diminish a GREAT player who has his name in football history to a normal player, but this cancels every chance he had to win the golden ball. It seems so clear.

Cannavaro was my favorite before the final, now there are no doubt at all.
Reply:no. but neither did zidane. \=
Reply:NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Reply:YeSS! YeSSS!! YeSSSS!!! yezzzza!
Reply:NO!zidane is the main inspiration in the france team, whereas cannaravo is just a good player alongside many others like buffon in Italy.

Reply:Definitely…he displayed skill throughout the tournament and led his team to victory. He also didn’t head butt anybody.
Reply:Canavarro is a verry good player. Zidane is old and is a little under Canavarro
Reply:definatly cannavaro deserved it more than Zidane, cannavaro stopped a cleard so many shots.CANNAVORO SHOULD HAVE WON THE GOLDEN BALL!!!!!!
Reply:Not really.
Reply:yes, after Zidane's action yesterday.
Reply:Definitely.Best defenser in the Cup.
Reply:Thatz not even a question 2 ask(pardon me)ofcourse not zidane iz waaaayyyyy better than canavaro....!
Reply:definitely yes yes yes yes
Reply:No i don't think so .. question about it
Reply:no-zidane cot red carded cuz of the headbutt. he headbutted matterazzi because he said he would **** zidane's mother when italy wins.
Reply:No.Z has more skills than C.A single match cant decide the winner.

Not because of the incident with Zidane,but because he is a great defensive player,he and Buffon created a wall,and he took his country to the victory,inspite of all the pressure with the match-fixing scandals!!!

Go CannaWALL!!!

At least he didn't disgrace himself!
Reply:nope...zidane is the best player and he deserved the golden ball more than other..
Reply:Yes!!He was pretty much the most important member of their team. He didn't score any goals but he prevented their opponents from scoring many. He was the best player of this years world cup because of his solid,fair play and great leadership!
Reply:No! Cannavaro is a great defender if not the best in the world at this moment. But Zidane is the most completed player, he deserved the Golden Ball for once more in his career.

Does Zizou deserve Golden Ball, or should Cannavaro be the best player of The World Cup?

Zizou Zidane so definately does deserve the Golden Ball. He's a great footballer and he doesn't dive. The headbutt was unfortunate, but soooo deserved by that Italian scum bag - calling Zidane's mother a 'dirty terrorist whore' when she's seriously ill in hospital!

Does Zizou deserve Golden Ball, or should Cannavaro be the best player of The World Cup?
cannavaro bc he was great throughout the entire WC...he was a good defender and it should have been his. Zidane was great throughout his career, but the GB is for the WC not career wise...zidane had issues with his team in the beginning and yeah he went to the finale...but Cannavaro was outstanding...oh well, he got the better prize...the cup which they EARNED!
Reply:Definately deserves it. Cannavarro had a great tournament, but he wasn't the reason that Italy won. Zizou single handedly took france from almost missing the World Cup finals, to coming within a bee's dick of winning it.
Reply:Of course Cannavaro should be the best player of the world cup! He has been the most consistent %26amp; impressive player throughout the tournament. And this ,on top of the scandal brewing back home !! He defends so well, he's everywhere.... Tireless %26amp; inspirational....and not a single booking!!!
Reply:sure he deserves it kinda like if a petafile deserves children

no he doesnt deserve it his actions spoke very loudly and he DIDNT stop nething

Cananavaro deserved it!
Reply:zidane diserves it whether hes a disgrace or not he has "it"
Reply:he deserved to have one!!!
Reply:If it wasn't Zidane I wouldn't choose Cannavaro, what about Lilian Thuram, he's getting on a bit and defended superbly for France for the whole tournament. I'd probably put Gattuso and Pirlo before Cannavaro as well.

They should do a Tin Ball for the worst player - Cristiano Ronaldo hands down for me.
Reply:Most of the voting for this award happened before half time of the final, otherwise the head butting incident would definitely have made the award go to Cannavaro.
Reply:most of you who hate zizou say he didnt deserve the golden ball because he hit poor Materazzi...awwwwwwwwwwwwww ,pffft like he didnt deserve it,man was i looking for something like that since they cheated in the Australia game.why dont you people who criticize zidane listen to what Materazzi told him before that illfated blow got sent to him..obviously none of you would like someone saying your mother is a terrorist whore and sister is a prostitute..and if someone did say that .what're you going to do ..stand there getting dissed at?seriously...some of you might say he shouldve waited and ignored BUT HE DID!!! and materazzi was waiting for that most cases it would be better to defend and gain respect of your and youre family's honour rather than win anything for the greed of it. zidane did deserve that award as an outstanding player throughout this tournament and all his others especially since he was retiring,truly zinedine zidane is the best player of the FIFA worldcup 2006 tournament and people shouldnt strip that off him just because he head-butted an italian who dishonored his family,after all he has been a legend all his life and in my mind and millions of other young and old fans will stay a legend .God bless you zinedine zidane
Reply:ZIzou is an all time best player he is not an over night best player, he deserve more than Golden ball.
Reply:zizou is best player

zizou is legend of football 20c~21c
Reply:Cannavaro. If Zidane wasn't retiring he wouldn't have won it. If the vote had taken place after the dirty git had been sent off he wouldn't have won. Let us remember France 98 when saint Zidane got sent of for stamping on an opponent!
Reply:Yes, Zizou definitely deserve the award. He played well, most importantly he was able to inspire his team and led them to the final. He was also quite calm throughout the tournament except during the head butt incident. Well said, fanaticsoccer289!

Sometimes, words are sharper than action. They can be much more harmful than action. If Zizou deserved a red card for the head butt then Materrazzi should be responsible for his nasty words too( no matter what he had said). If a footballer shouldn't heat butt his opponent, I dont think he is also right and allowed to attack his opponent by using any insulting words during the game. If the referee said Zizou asked for the red card by head butting his opponent then I would say that Materrazzi was asking for the head butt by insulting Zidane. Perhaps, he (Materrazzi) already knew clearly what will make Zidane crazy and set the trap for Zidane, who knows. If Zidane really is Materrazzi's hero ( according to what Materrazzi told the interviewer ) then how could he insulted his hero that way. Come on, we are not that stupid, ok. God will only protect those who are honest and sincere! No matter who won the world cup, glory will only be meaningful if the winner was playing a sincere game. Honest people normally will be the victim of those foxy fellows nowadays.
Reply:zizou does deserve it....
Reply:ofcourse CANNA
Reply:Cannavaro was robbed!!!
Reply:of course he does. just look at what he has done this cup for france and he's 34
Reply:Cannavaro should have gotten the Golden Ball award, he was amazing this tournament
Reply:It was in the end a very close contest but I think Zizou has been a consistently great player and on his performance against Brazil alone could have won him the award.

Cannavaro emerged to be a potential great and got a wonderful

"consolation" prize in a winners medal and the World Cup!
Reply:Zizou deserves it miles off tho Fabio Cannavaro is a good player too but he ain't retiring yet so when he does he'll get his maybe in the Euro 2008 or the next World Cup
Reply:Zizou set the tournament alight from the Brazil game onwards. He was what the tournament ended up being about and was the best player. Although I would say that Christiano Ronaldo should've been the young player of the tournament. He was the best young player, pure and simple. And this is from a Liverpool and England fan.
Reply:simply: zidane is a better player, not only during this world cup but generally, zidane playes better. and he deseved it.

long live zidane :-)
Reply:canna was a man posessed and by far the best player of this tournament
Reply:No, he deserves a jail for his actions...
Reply:Zizou deserves it as simple as that, Cannavaro played well but Zidane is, was, and will be the daddy
Reply:Zizou of course.
Reply:Cannavaro deserves it more than Zizou...He's a great player, and he doesn't headbutt anyone...

Who won the golden ball in this 2006 wc football?

zinedine ..zidane

sam ;)

Who won the golden ball in this 2006 wc football?
Zidane in France.
Reply:the one and only GREAT zinedine zidane- hail to zizou
Reply:zinedine zidane...silver ball, fabio cannavaro...( ITALIA%26lt;,YEAH )...bronze ball....andrea pirlo...( ITALY ALSO)
Reply:Zidane won it -

this is beacuse polling was done amongst jouranlist , by the half time - after 45 minutes

and the incident of zidance occured in the 110th minute.

so by that times journalist had given their poll.

so it could not be changed.

the golden ball goes to zidane.
Reply:As per the poll for the winner of Golden ball

1) Zidane - captain of france had got first place ( 2,012 points)

2) Cannavaro- Itally captain (1,977 points)

2) Androw Birlo,Itally player (715 points)
Reply:Zidane got it %26amp; im so happy for him...

ZIDANE Zinedine (FRA) 4th time in his history (the real deal)




PIRLO Andrea (ITA)
Reply:zidane-2012 points(golden ball)

cannavaro-1977 points(silver ball)-the real winner actually!!!

pirlo-715 points(bronze ball)

buffon-best goal-keeper
Reply:It's Zinedine Zidane of France.
Reply:yep, zidane.

Do you also think that Fabio Cannavaro deserves the adidas Golden Ball award?

i think he has been exceptional throughout this world cup and really stood like a King in the rock-solid italian defence,especially in the final he was on top of his game.he has simply been the best player of da Cup

he fully deserves the Golden Ball

Do you also think that Fabio Cannavaro deserves the adidas Golden Ball award?
you are right, he was very good player in the world cup 2006, i hate italy but anyway i think he deserves it.
Reply:200% worthy of the award - CANNAVARO has been awesome throughout Italy's campaign in Germany 2006 - "Player of the Tournament"
Reply:yes he does.

he has been splendid and since Kanh got it last time being a goalkeeper.....i am sure canavaro can get it as a defender.

Best wishes for him
Reply:I agree. Unfortunatelly they usually do not give it to a defender.
Reply:I think he will get it...after Zidane's mistake in final..
Reply:Pirlo is also deserving as playmaker and setting up goals for team mates.
Reply:I doubt a defender will get it and in my honest opinion Zidane still deserves it. His red-card was a big School-Boy mistake but his display against Brazil was Outstanding. He really does deserve it.
Reply:According the FIFA's website, the Golden Ball award is "presented to the outstanding player at each FIFA World Cup™ finals" - regardless of position played during the tournament (just check out the list of shortlisted contenders on FIFA's site - even Buffon's on it). I believe Cannavaro personifies the word outstanding in this year's World Cup so yes, he definitely deserves the Golden Ball award :),his name just rolls off my tongue ;)

He was one of the BEST (if not the best) players in this particular World cup...his performace was ROCK SOLID throughout the whole time. He deserves it...he was exceptional! VIVA AZZURRIS!

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Who will win the golden ball this year?


Who will win the golden ball this year?
I personally feel that Buffon or Casillas will have the golden ball...Buffon has the support of the Italian defence and casillas has got the support of the great spanish midfield and defender Carles Puyol and Sergio Ramos
Reply:I think Roberto carlos from Brazil win the golden ball this year.
Reply:Ronaldinho Assis
Reply:golden ball is awarded to the best player , not necessarily goalkeeper ..thats the YASHIN award

g. ball usually goes to one of the finalists CRESPO/RIQUELME are a gud bet !
Reply:it can be anyone

1)Gianalugi Buffon - Italy

2)Peter Cech - Czech Republic

3)Iker Cassilas - Spain

Who do you think will win the golden ball award?

lionel Messi.............

Who do you think will win the golden ball award?
Tierry Henry of France if they make it through the first rounds
Reply:I think it will be Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho.